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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before.

1.The limitation for the auction is 1 printed photo  per  size. If the auction is successful I guaranty that no more photos will be printed after  and will still remain on my website as 600×400 pixels image. 

2.If  the total of 75,000 Euros are not reached, everything will be cancelled. 

All that is written here, under terms and conditions means for  the case that the auction is successful.

3.The print is a fine-art printed on ( Hahnemühle pearl fine-art paper  ).

4.If the buyer wants  an other material, like Acrylic or  AluDibond  it is possible, but the buyer will have to pay the additional costs.

5.There is the option to bid on all  photographies together. These offer needs to be higher than the single bids in total. In case one person or company buys all, they will also get the digital version and all rights on them.

6. If a gallery buys for their client (s), there  also will be  a commision  from my side, the details of  the percentage will be shared by email before. The username needs to be the gallery’s  name for me to recognize it. 

7. The auction should end at the defined date, but in special cases it can be delayed for maximum 60 days. Specially when the goal is just nearly reached or in the whole auction comes just in the last days a strong dynamic.

8. From some pictures (about 10) a A3 size print was given away or sold in the past. The larger prints that where sold or given away in the past are marked as sold/unavailable.

9. The shipping has an extra cost of 20 euros within Europe and 35 to the rest of the world, which will be pay by the costumer.

10. Every monitor has a different color management profile, so can be that the printed image won’t be exactly the same as you see at your monitor . These is normal and please be aware of that. 

11.The  Auctioneer  has the right to add, change  points  &  conditions at any time is decided. Therefor the  costumer will be informed in case of any changes  and  will be free to cancelled and can take back his bid.

12. The costumer and any other person shall indemnify the seller against any and all claims.

For the content of the website the artist is not responsible. 

13. Is not possible to  give back the photo or cancel the bid after the auction is closed.

14. The buyer  will have to pay  after  the auction is closed  within 14 days .

     After the payment the picture (s) will be sent  within  30 days.


You may be asked to submit certain information relevant to your Purchase including, credit card, shipping address, etc.

By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may let us know or you will not access to the Service.

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