Morocco  2019

In February 2019, I travel to Morocco and was my first time in a country where the main religion is Islam. I got quite impressed in a very positive way, even though the impressions were different and stronger than the other countries I have visited.

We arrived in the Moroccan city of Fez, it has an energy that is inescapable that comes as much from the buildings as it does the people.

With narrow streets, old and colorful markets and its Tanneries the Medina area awaited us.

After a few days we took the train to Casablanca, happy to be at the sea and to visit one of the highest mosques in the world Hassan II Mosque.

Essaouria was our next stop and my favorite place in Morocco with live music at the streets, sea breeze which is nice for walks on the beach.

Furthermore, we continue to Sidi Ifni- Marrakesh- Zagora – Marrakesh – Rabat – Fez  and back to Austria after three weeks.

The country was nice and easy to travel through.

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