Born 1984 in Villach, Austria.

Selected Exhibitions History:

➤ „backdrops“ with Galerie Junger – 5* Parkhotel Frank–Oberstdorf( DE, 2019)

➤ 8.Ars Pannonica Internat – Hungarian Embassy in Vienna and  Galerija Dlul – Ljublana(SLO,2019) 

„AAA“ – Kunsthotel H12 – Galerie Junger-Gerlitzen (A,2018)

➤ „Werkschau“ Galerie Jo– Graz (A,2018)

Medal of honor for outstanding artistic achievements presented in the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna at the 7.Ars Pannonica internat – Wien (AT) and Budapest (HUN, 2017)

 ➤„Kunstzelt“ U&DFestival Würzburg – (D,2016)

Art fair  MainArt with Galerie Rita Stern – Erlenbach am Main (D,2015.

Publications 2014 – 2020
twelveMoroccoclose to home ⁍behind the things ⁍No.8
the hidden ones ⁍the wall ⁍mistery of love part1&2
inserie ⁍follow the instinct ⁍katharsis

Places: Morocco, Corfu, Mallorca, Peru, Panama, Sicily, Sardinia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Norway, Denmark, Holland, England, Germany, Austria.



2020                       Group Exhibition „Grenzen“ and „schöne Künste“ _Atrio Villach(AUT)

2019                        Solo Exhibition „backdrops“_ 5* Hotel Franks_ Oberstdorf(DE)

2019                        Group Exhibition „Morocco“_ Otelo_ Villach(AT)

2019                        8.Ars Pannonica internat. _ Vienna and Ljubljana(SI)

2018                         Solo Exhibition „AAA“_Arthotel H12 _ Gerlitzen(AT)

2018                         Group Exhibition  Gallery Jo _ Graz(AT)

2017                         Solo Exhibition „Werkschau“_ Otelo _ Villach(AT)

2017                          Medal of honor by the Commitat Vas for outstanding artistic achievements presented in the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna at the 7.Ars Pannonica internat._Wien (AT) and Budapest (HUN, 2017)

2016                          Group Exhibition „90 Blickwinkel“_ Congress center Villach(AUT)

2016                          Solo Exhibition „Transitus2“_Otelo_ Villach(AUT)

2016                          Solo Exhibition „Inspirations“_ Bildungshaus Solidas_Tainach (AUT)

2016                           6. Ars Pannonica internation. _ Klagenfurt & Budapest (HUN)

2016                           Group Exhibition Gunstraum Villach_ „Drau findet Stadt“ _ Villach(AUT)

2016                           Group Exhibition Kunstzelt U&D Festival_ Würzburg (D)

2015                           Solo Exhibition „Transitus2“_Otelo_ Villach(AUT)

2015                           Solo Exhibition „o.T.“ _Galerie im Weltladen_ Villach(AUT)

2015                           Group Exhibition Fotogalerie 59_ Klagenfurt(AUT)

2015                           Intern. Art fair_ „MainArt“_Erlenbach am Main(DE)

2015                           Art fair „Kunstschauplätze“_KunsthausSudhaus_Villach(AUT)

2014                           Group Exhibition in Galerie Mariahilferstraße 24 _Graz(AUT)

2014                           Group Exhibition „Grenzen überwinden“ _University Klagenfurt(AUT)

2014                           Solo Exhibition „o.T.“ Parkcafe _Villach(AUT)

2014                           Group Exhibition „3 Tage Kunst und Begegnung“ _Velden(AUT)

2014                           Presentation  Photo Book „Katharsis“ Cafe Ritter _Graz(AUT)

2014                           Free Exhibition_ Park of the Exposition_Lima(Peru)

2012                           Moving Exhibition with the stage play „Grenzspannung“

2012                           Solo Exhibition Parkcafe _Villach  (AUT)

2011                           Solo Exhibition Café Lücke_Villach (AUT)

2010                           Group Exhibition „Gemma Kunst schaun“ _Villach (AUT)

Publications and Catalogues:

2021                        Photo book „Twelve“

2020                        Photo book „Morocco“

2019                        Photo book „Close to home“

2018                        Photo book „behind the things“

2017                        Photo book „No.8“

2017                        Photo book „ the hidden ones“

2016                        Photo book „ the wall“

2016                        Photo book „mystery of love“ part 1+2

2015                        Photo book „in serie“

2015                        Photographies in B/W for the poetry book  „Schamane“

2014                        Photographies for the album „Only in my dreams“ from Nebelfront

2014                        Photo book „follow the instinct“

2014                        Photo book  „Katharsis“

Education and work:

2014 - 2020                      Collaboration with the gallery owners Anna Zottmann  (Aut) Rita Stern  (DE) and Lori Lee (CHN / D)

2019 – still now               Social work with disabled people

2014 –2015                       Social work with disabled people

2014 –2014                       Educational leave

2010 – 2014                      Social work with disabled people

2010 – 2012                     School for Social Care Professions

2005 – 2010                      broken Psychology and Philosophy  studies in Graz

1998 – 2004                      Higher Technical School for building Construction

1994 – 1998                       High School in  Villach.




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