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“Peru off the beaten path…all you need is a little of imagination, some planning and a spirit of adventure”

This catalogue is from 7 weeks of unforgettable adventure traveling with my Peruvian girlfriend whom showed me around. Starting at the coast along deserts and mountains, we got to Pucallpa from where we continue by boat navigating in the Amazon, Ucayali and MaraƱon rivers with it’s Amazing natural resources that goes far deeper than just the animals and beautiful flora.

The rare plants of the Amazon not only create a unique natural environment, but have been used by ancient civilizations (and are still being used today) for their powerful medicinal properties.

We travel desert, mountains, jungle for many days on the road and by boat as well with other 300 people sleeping in hammocks. The country has 3 main regions according to the traditional method of dividing the country by altitude: coast, mountains and jungle. deserts and fertile valleys all far from each other and worth to explore it. Read More



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